Amundy is the enterprise real-time data orchestration platform.

Search, filter and orchestrate real-time data streams within your organization.

All the real-time data you need!

Amundy is the platform where you can search, combine and filter real time data feeds in order to create your own feeds for your unique use-cases. You can supply and consume real-time using multiple protocols like MQTT, WebSockets and many more. The platform allows for linear scalability up to 10000 nodes and 100K+ messages per second per single node.

How Amundy works

1. Search

Search, combine and filter through the real time data feeds Amundy provides.

2. Real-time preview

See a real-time preview of the selected datafeed(s).

3. Combine

Make, if necessary, combinations of all the different feeds that are provided..

4. Use the data

You now have the data on hands to create the most awesome applications!

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