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About us

We are passionate about making innovative solutions that will make someones day a bit easier.

Whether it is developing open source tooling which helps in the process of software development, full spectrum consultancy or a SaaS product based on subscriptions, it is all fueled by our desire to make a difference.

The stuff

we like to keep ourselves busy with:

Continuous validation

…or is it automating validated learning? Anyway. We like to be sure that software has a purpose. We also like to make sure it keeps on having a purpose. That's why we created Gareth, a continuous validation framework. Meet Gareth


We like to connect not only some things but everything. Whether it is automating your coffee machine with an app or requesting the windspeed in timbuktu for some project. That's why we are working on the Internet Of Everything (IOE).

Full spectrum consultancy

We are more than happy to share our findings and expertise. We can help companies from understanding the concepts of continuous delivery, micro services, agile and devops to the implementation on team level. Pragmatic and hands-on.

We're hiring

We are always looking for like-minded software craftsmen who want to work on innovative projects and products in an informal envirionment. Just leave us an message below or connect with us through Twitter

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